Read about the history of The Creggans Inn

The History of The Creggans Inn

The Creggans Inn was established in mid 1800’s at Creggans Point, where the steamboat linked Strachur with Inveraray.

Previous owners, Sir Fitzroy Maclean and Lady Veronica Maclean purchased Strachur Estate, including Creggans Inn, in 1957.

Fitzroy was a diplomat, politician, soldier and author. He was an original member of the SAS and Winston Churchill’s personal representative in German occupied Yugoslavia where he assisted communist Tito to organise the resistance against the Germans.

During their ownership of Creggans Inn they attracted famous guests such as Joanna Lumley, Roger Moore, Art Garfunkel, Princess Margaret, various Russians and Americans. Keith Floyd cooked as part of his Britain and Ireland series in the 80's. Veronica was a keen cook and author of cook books and with the help of French chefs the hotel collected a lot of accolades for food.

Due to his friendship with Ian Flemming and his daring war exploits, Fitzroy is thought to have been an inspiration for the James Bond character.

Fitzroy developed the MacPhunn whisky which is available for sale from the Hotel. For more details on this whisky click here.

Images from Yesteryear

Historic image of Creggans Inn


Image circa 1930 of Creggans Inn

Post card inscribed Creggans Hotel, Strachur. Peter MacDonald, (note spelling), Proprietor. Peter was the son of Allan McDonald (note spelling) who owned the St Catherine’s hotel. The picture shows three vehicles, two saloon cars and a charabanc with a rather improvised look to the bodywork and canopy. This is thought to be around 1930. The woman with child in her arms in the centre is thought to be Katherine McDonald née Luke who was Peter’s wife. Her child was called Allan. The man standing beside the driver’s door of the middle car is thought to be Peter himself.