Explore the beauty of Scotland's Hidden Coast from The Creggans Inn

Stalking & Shooting

"Local company Winston Churchill Stalking offers the chance to explore the wildife in one of the most beautiful parts of the Scottish Highlands with the benefit of experienced local guides.

Our forests and hill ground is the natural habitat for the only two species of deer that are native to Britain - the Red deer and the Roe deer. As a general rule the deer spend the daylight hours in the relative safety of the dense cover of the spruce forests and feed out onto the open hills during the hours of darkness. As a result of this behaviour we have to be active at sunrise and sunset and most of our stalking is on the upper edge of the forest where we intercept the deer, either coming out or going into the forest. Given the rugged, steep nature of the land, access is poor and the sport is very physically demanding but very rewarding."

Winston Churchill offer stalking all year round, the seasons are;-
Roe Buck Stalking - 1st April until 20th October
Roe Doe Stalking - 21st Oct until 31st March
Red Stag Stalking - 1st July until 20th October
Red Hind Stalking - 21st Oct until 15th Feb

As with all stalking & shooting estates, advance booking is required and due to demand we'd recommend at least 6 weeks prior notice. For more information, click here.

Game Bird Shooting

There are 2 estates locally where game bird shooting can be arranged with ample prior notice. If you'd like further details please get in touch.