The Creggans Inn has a fine selection of malt whiskies to savour

MacPhunn's Whisky List

Introducing the 18 year old cask-strength Single Malt Highland Whisky of Sir Fitzroy Maclean 15th Captain and Keeper of Dunconnel in the Isles of the Sea. Click here for more details.

1 AUCHENTOSHAN 10 40% Erskine

Just this side of the Erskine Bridge can be found one of the two remaining Lowland distilleries. Delicate and creamy, his is a great pre-dinner appetiser.

2 TOBERMORY 40% Mull

Light, clean and refreshing-would do very well with a reviving mixer. Deliberately a light to contribute to blends, compare with the fuller flavour of “Ledaig” (13) from the same distillery.

3 AUCHENTOSHAN 31 45% Erskine

A tangy, bitter-orange nose best summed up as ‘marmalade’ leads into this incredible full flavoured Lowland belter. Gracious aging.

4 ISLE OF JURA 10 40% Jura

Like Tobermory, Jura is produced uncharacteristically light for the island whisky. Slight pine flavours with an oily trait. Glenmorangie fans are comfortable here.

5 BRUICHLADDICH 10 40% Islay

The last of our ‘light’ selection, a delicate Highland style of heather-honeyness.

6 BRUICHLADDICH 15 43% Islay

Five extra years and greater contribution of sherry casks transform this whisky into one of the best and most flavoured by the islanders. The peatiness is just coming through with a rich, ozone-fresh seascape of character.

7 OBAN 14 43% Oban

A well flavoured West Highlander. A light mix of sea and peat combine to give a whisky enjoyed by almost everyone.

8 SPRINGBANK 21 46% Campbeltown

Without doubt, this is one of the world’s greatest spirits. Big, yet gentle, this complex whisky has been described as a “Grand Cru Classe” of malts.

9 SPRINGBANK 30 46% Campbeltown

“local Barley”, distilled 1966 Very rare, not many people have this opportunity to tast this. Everything in the production was sourced within 7 miles of Campbeltown, including the coal fire the stills-the exception being the American oak bourbon cask used to mature this spirit. A marvellous whisky, soft on the tongue with umpteen flavours, coconut, violets, banana, vanilla…..

10 GLEN SCOTIA 14 40% Campbeltown

Once Campbeltown boasted about 30 distilleries, now only Springbank remains in business and Glen Scotia is up for sale. This whisky is more typical of the Campbeltown style, heavier and more peppery than Springbank.

11 BUNNAHABHAIN 12 40% Islay

Sea breeze fresh and nutty, a popular whisky locally and a great fire-side dram.

12 BUNNAHABHAIN 17 52% Islay

Bottled by Signatory. An independent bottling at cask strength selected for its rich sherry-wood maturation, a unique combination of the sea and Macallan sweetness.

13 LEDAIG 1974 43% Mull

The island style from the Tobermory Distillery. Very complex and a worthy challenger to any of the best from Speyside. Light peaty, be dazzled by a host of differing characters-on the tongue citrus, bitter sweet yet very smooth & round; on the nose butter, lemon, ginger–excellent!

14 Caol Isla 15 43% Islay

The first time I had Caol Isla was at the distillery. I then drove back across the Island, collected my push bike and cycled the twelve miles to Bowmore. Aftermy first pint I could STILL taste the Caol Isla – that’s a long finish!

15 Caol Isla 22 61% Islay

Very unusual. Distillers can influence the flavour by the degree of peat burnt to dry the malted barley. Traditionally Caol Isla is a fairly heavily peated whisky but this rare bottling is of an un-peated batch. All the Atlantic Island characters are here but without the customary peaty smoke-screen. Fascinating and excellent.

16 BOWMORE “Darkest” 43% Islay

Aged about 15 years and then ‘finished’ by being transferred to a rich fresh sherry cask, the Islay characters have been balanced by delicate sherry-ness. Almost a liqueur, this is a fascinating whisky in the style of the legendary “Black

17 BOWMORE 17 43% Islay

Bowmore is the epicenter of the island geographically and also of the flavour range of its whiskies. The 17 year old is the best from a very proud distillery, perfectly balanced peaty smokiness with sea-washed toasted, sherry brinyness.

18 PORT ELLEN 17 40% Islay

Bottled by Gordon & MacPhail. Now we are into serious peaty territory – love it or loathe it. Port Ellen was closed in 1983 and will never re-open – a huge loss to whisky lovers. this G & M bottling is superb, matching the peat with
the sherry induced sweetness to give an overall rich, lemon sweet taste with buckets of zipppp – no better word for it.

19 LAPHROAIG 10 46% Islay

Bottled by Murray McDavid. Our bottling of the year-a wee monster without equal. A contributor to this one’s greatness must be the casks which previously held good bourbon for eight years. The nose is the whiff you get walking towards the distillery reception on a calm day. Peat, brine and malt-the flavour is true but strong.

20 LAPHROAIG 15 43% Islay

Historically Laphroaig is the archetypal peaty malt but the current bottling of the standard 10 year old is a pale homogenised shadow of its true self. This 15 year old is peatier, softer and less astringent than the standard.

21 LAGAVULIN 16 43% Islay

An acclaimed classic, sweet yet dry, peppery and round, huge, powerful, peaty and satisfying.

23 ARDBEG-1984 19 43% Islay

If the 17 year old is perfectly balanced then this is perfectly unbalanced, peat dominates to the satisfaction of the peaty headbangers-brilliant!